Belgian IBD nurses and study coordinators association

During the ECCO congress of February 2011 in Dublin some Belgian nurses, with a special interest in IBD, came up with the idea of creating a national group for nurses specialized in the care for patients with IBD. After an in-depth meeting BINA (Belgian IBD Nurses Association) was born.

BINA was creating educational activities and supporting patient organization during their events. Since 2013 a yearly educational meeting has been organized, specifically for nurses working with patients with IBD.

In January 2017 the Belgian IBD study nurses also started to organize themselves under the name Astoria. (Association of STudy coordinatOrs for IBD Research center optimizAtion).

In June 2017 both groups realized that they had similar aims and goals and decided to merge.

A brand new name was chosen: BINAstoria (Belgian IBD nurses and study coordinators association). BINAstoria is the national IBD association that connects IBD nurses and IBD study coordinators.

BINAstoria is working in close collaboration with BIRD, the Belgian Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research and Development Group for gastroenterologists.

The importance of specialized nurses is still growing, as is the number of BINAstoria members. 




BINAstoria (Belgian IBD nurses and study coordinators association) is a national IBD association that connects IBD nurses and IBD study coordinators. The main focus is education and research. 

BINAstoria aims to:

  • facilitate and provide an effective framework for communication and cooperation
  • support IBD nurses and IBD study coordinators so they can offer IBD patients:
    • an accessible and low-threshold contact point
    • holistic care, together with a multidisciplinary team
  • offer the opportunity to meet, share experiences and learn from each other:
    • yearly two formal meetings (= General Assembly)
    • two national symposia per year in collaboration with BIRD (one with a specific nurses program)
    • BIRD/BINAstoria newsletter
    • informal networking by e-mail, phone,...
    • close collaboration and cooperation with 
      • gastroenterologists (BIRD)
      • N-ECCO (Nurses - European Crohn and Colitis organisation) – 2 N-ECCO national representatives
      • patient associations (CCV and Assocition Crohn-RCUH)
  • obtain full recognition of the job as IBD nurse
  • optimize IBD research centers
  • enhance collaboration between research units
  • share working strategies
  • strengthen the position of Belgium as area for IBD clinical trials in academic and non academic sites
  • develop educational material for patients and nurses in strong collaboration with other stakeholders

Since working together and building relationships is indispensable in taking care for patients with IBD, we strive for a good collaboration with different stakeholders.

Because a mutlidisciplinary approach is indispensable, other paramedical professions working in this field can also join BINAstoria as supporting members.

All healthcare professionals involved in the care for patients with IBD (physicians, nurses and researchers) can become a member of BIRD. The registration is free of charge and unlimited in duration. All members are encouraged to actively participate in the educational and research projects of BIRD.