Welcome to the Symposium - Edition of “IBD-care beyond ‘21: Making Better Happen”.

Dear colleagues,
Dear BIRD and BINAstoria members,
Dear friends,

We are delighted to introduce the 6th edition of our BIRD and BINASTORIA National Symposium "IBD-care beyond ’21: Making better happen".

During the last decade, IBD patients were offered several new treatment options, giving them new treatment perspectives. Nonetheless, this expanding armentarium has made our approach to the disease definitely more complex.

In the program of the BIRD symposium, we will focus on the optimal use of these available medications. What can we expect from dose optimization and/or combination of compounds? Which considerations arise with the arrival of the new subcutaneous formulations?

We will also look to the IBD horizon with an overview of the ‘hot topics’ that were presented during this year’s major IBD congresses. If you were not able to attend these congresses, you will have the chance to see the most interesting results.

Finally, we present a State-of-the-Art lecture about how the skin can influence our IBD treatment strategy.

The BIRD symposium is divided into State-of-the-Art lectures in the morning and interactive workshops in the afternoon. We hope that you will enjoy!


BINASTORIA has secured excellent speakers for the morning programme, who will bring interesting IBD related topics on a nurse’s level.

These topics range from medical (faecal transplant, tofacitinib and biologicals) to surgical (ileo-anal pouch) topics and we will discuss the tools we use to decide which treatment is the best for your particular patient.

You will be able to follow the talks in your own language, as we provide simultaneous translation.

After lunch, everyday topics, that are nevertheless very relevant, such as nutrition, contraception - pregnancy - sexuality and patients that want to stop therapy, will be discussed in smaller groups in your language, led by a nurse.

For more information about the BINASTORIA symposium, you can contact Katrien.asnong@imelda.be.


Both symposia will take place in the nice setting of “Martin's Château du Lac” in Genval!

On behalf of the organizing committee,


Prof. Dr. João Sabino                        Dr. Michael Somers

Prof. Dr. Harald Peeters                   Dr. Peter Bossuyt

Prof. Dr. Triana Lobaton                   Mrs. Katrien Asnong

Prof. Dr. Pieter Dewint                     Mrs. Sofie Himpe

Dr. Lieven Pouillon                           Mrs. Marjan Steppe



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