BIRD 2022 First Annual Congress

Dear friends and colleagues,

What started as a group of friends interested in IBD has grown into a professional organization with more than 230 members, including physicians, nurses, clinical trial assistants, and researchers. The evolution of BIRD can also be seen in the BIRD office, which has grown significantly in the past few years. Our goals have also evolved to include education as a central point, reflected by increasing educational activities (e.g. Good Clinical Practices course, Biostatistics course, E-learning platform, BIRD symposia).

Organizing educational activities in the past 2 years has been challenging due to the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, we have organized successful online symposia and more recently a live symposium, an Evidence Based Medicine course, and a Biostatistics course. These last 2 courses reflect a shift in our understanding of what BIRD activities should be.

As from this year, we want to rethink the idea of having 2 BIRD symposia per year. Instead, we are launching a new concept that includes one 2-day BIRD congress in November and several smaller events that answer specific needs of the IBD community (e.g. GCP course, Evidence Based Medicine course, and Biostatistics course). The 2-day BIRD 2022 First Annual Congress in the afternoon of Friday 18 and the morning of Saturday 19 November will provide insights into the most important updates from the past year, including the best of the major international congresses: ECCO, DDW and UEGW. In this congress, we also want to address the major evolutions in IBD and provide an up-to-date vision of the state of the art. In the workshops, we will provide more practical information about specific aspects of IBD care.

Finally, the BIRD 2022 First Annual Congress will include a fantastic networking event on Friday evening, where all participants, BIRD members and BINAstoria members can get to know each other in a more informal setting in a great location.

For our BIRD 2022 First Annual Congress, we have chosen a top location: Kursaal Oostende!

We sincerely hope to see you all at the first BIRD congress and at the networking event on Friday evening!

See you then!

Kind regards,

Filip Baert                        Jolien de Rechter 

Triana Lobaton              Eveline Hoefkens

Lieven Pouillon               Ingrid Arijs 

João Sabino                  Jennie Donaldson 

Michaël Somers

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