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Bruges Meeting and Convention Center

Join us for the Educational Training sessions prior to the BIRD 2nd Annual Congress.  We have two programs on offer:

BIRD Educational Training session: Unraveling a published clinical trial from A to Z: ethics, biostatistics and other methodological aspects  

We are honored to have 1st author Prof. Dr. Edouard Louis present the SPARE trial, Biostatistician Prof. Geert Verbeke discuss the statistics and Prof. Dr. Dieter Mesotten the ethics.

Places are limited, we only have 80 spaces available for this session!

BINAstoria Educational Training session: Framework for an IBD clinic in Belgium

We will discuss the framework for IBD clinics, allowing IBD specialists to understand the role of paramedical professionals in the clinic as well as the Belgian legislation covering these roles. 


Click here to see read more about these sessions and to register.  


The Educational Training sessions are logistically supported by: