About SciCom

The Scientific Committee (SciCom) of BIRD evaluates study proposals and coordinates ongoing trials. 

The committee consists of 5 members including the SciCom chair. All BIRD members can apply to participate in the SciCom with the goal having a broad representation of both academic and non-academic centers. One committee member also serves as a national ECCO representative.

The roles of SciCom include:

  1. To evaluate and discuss proposals for scientific studies (IIS, retrospective studies, registries, etc…)
  2. To provide an opinion on scientific proposals to the BOARD
  3. To interact with other national study groups, through the ECCO platform
  4. To stimulate and facilitate GI units to set up a research center
  5. To organize training for clinical trial centers (i.e. GCP, practical course, mentorship)
  6. To evaluate submissions for BIRD Research Grants (in coordination with EduCom)
  7. To participate in the Bird Bio Belgian Biobank registry project
  8. To participate in the national IBD registry (‘BIRD Registry’) project
  9. Review publication rules
  10. To evaluate BWGE abstracts
  11. To interact with BIRD partners in various events throughout the year