IBD Pediatric Booklet

To help our pediatric patients learn about IBD in a playful and informative way, we collaborated with IBD pediatricians, IBD (pediatric) nurses, IBD gastroenterologists, IBD patient organizations and our partner AMGEN to create this colorful pediatric IBD booklet.    

You can download the booklet here:

French version       Dutch version

This booklet was developed with the support of our partner Amgen.


To request physical copies of this booklet, please contact our Amgen colleagues: Jan Van Baeveghem ( or Vincent De Cleer (

Calpro card

Measurement of fecal calprotectin is often used to monitor intestinal inflammation in patients with IBD. BIRD developed the calpro card, with information and practical tips for patients on how to collect a stool sample for fecal calprotectin measurement. In collaboration with BINAstoria and our partner Abbvie.

The Calpro card can be dowloaded here:

French version       Dutch version

To order the calpro card for your patients, contact:
Hanne Van Spaendonk (
Medical Science Liaison Gastroenterology

Treatment of iron deficiency/anemia in IBD

Anemia is a common complication of IBD that may have a dramatic impact on the quality of life of IBD patients. By providing practical treatment algorithms, the Belgian IBD research and development Group (BIRD) wants to increase awareness and knowledge among clinicians to improve the management of anemia and iron deficiency in their IBD patients.

Download the brochure for physicians here

To order the brochure contact your Vifor representative or mail to:

Arne Claessen (

Brand manager

In collaboration with our partner

DIAMOND videos

BIRD set up a 3-round Delphi process in order to come to a set of statements regarding the practical use of subcutaneous infliximab and vedolizumab. Participants included not only 45 IBD physicians, but also 16 IBD patients and 9 IBD nurses. The key findings of the DIAMOND exercise and the practical guidelines to implement SC therapy in your daily practice, are explained by the leading experts, in a series of videos (NL, FR, EN). Click here to watch.

Vaccination Brochure: A practical guideline for adults & children with IBD

IBD patients treated with immunomodulators have an increased risk of opportunistic infections and complications.  BIRD has created a brochure on vaccinations for children and adults to provide you with the latest guidelines on vaccinations.

Download the brochure here

To order the vaccination brochure for adults and children, contact:

Jeroen Schrevens (

Medical Advisor Gastroenterology

In collaboration with our partner