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AbbVie committed to patients

In spring 2023, AbbVie launched a new season of its podcast "Let's Talk About It" dedicated to chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. In partnership with the Crohn RCUH and CCV vzw patient associations, this podcast tells through patient stories how the disease impacts their lives and how they overcome daily challenges.

Inspired by the success of these podcasts, AbbVie co-developed with patient associations a unique exhibition titled "Toilet Tales." This original exhibition transformed toilets into true works of art, aiming to break the taboos surrounding chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. By combining the power of personal testimonies with artistic expression, AbbVie and its partners seek to educate, inspire, and encourage understanding and support for those living with IBDs, while breaking the stigmas associated with these health conditions.

Discover the podcast "Let's talk about it" dedicated to MICI (available in French and Dutch)

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